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The Department of Customer Service operates OneGov Web site on behalf of NSW licensing authorities listed on the Contact Us page. This privacy statement explains how your privacy is protected when:

  • you visit this Web site
  • you enter information into this Web site
  • somebody else uses this Web site to make an inquiry about a licence you hold.

The Department of Customer Service and each licensing authority that uses OneGov Web site must comply with the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998. You can obtain further information about this legislation from the NSW Privacy Commissioner.

Each licensing authority that uses OneGov Web site has a separate Privacy Policy. You should read the policy for the applicable licensing authority.

1. Purpose of Web site

OneGov Web site provides the NSW community with a common set of online services for business, occupational and recreational licences. The Web site is a gateway between the public and licensing authorities.

You can use OneGov Web site to carry out most of your business with a licensing authority. For example you may be able to apply for a licence, pay licence fees, renew your licence or submit information to a licensing authority – such as when you change your address. You can also submit a complaint about a licence holder.

You can register with OneGov Web site and setup an online account. You can link licences to this account and manage these licences as a group. For example you can submit one application to change your address for all your licences.

Some licences have public registers. A licensing authority may provide access to a public register through OneGov Web site.

2. Role of the Department of Customer Service

As a service provider, the Department of Customer Service operates OneGov Web site, OneGov software and OneGov database, and makes these facilities available to NSW licensing authorities.

Information you enter into the Web site is provided to the licensing authority that administers that licence. The Department does not access this information unless it is necessary when providing a technical service to a licensing authority. Backing up data and investigating system errors are examples of technical services.

3. Information collected when you browse this Web site

When you browse OneGov Web site, the Department of Customer Service logs the following information for statistical purposes – your server address, top level domain name (e.g. .com, .gov, .au, .uk etc), the date and time of your visit, the pages accessed, documents downloaded, the previous site visited and the type of browser used.

The Department will not try to identify users or their browsing activities, except in the event of a lawful investigation by a licensing authority or a law enforcement agency.

4. Information collected when you apply for a licence

When you apply for a licence OneGov provides you with a Customer Reference Number and a Transaction Number. These numbers are displayed on screen. You then enter information required for that licence application. This information is the same information that you provide if you submit a written application directly to the licensing authority.

The application information is saved in a database as you enter it. You do not need to enter all the information in one session. You can access a partially completed application by entering the Customer Reference Number and the Transaction Number. The Department of Customer Service does not access your application while it is being entered.

When the application is being entered, all the information you are entering is available to that licensing authority.

5. Information collected when you create a user account

You can create a OneGov user account to manage multiple licences or licence applications. Creating a user account is optional.

When you create the account, OneGov issues a unique User ID number which is displayed on screen. You then set a password for the account. You can link any licence to this account if you know the licence number and a current online access code.

6. Optional use of Government Authentication Services

OneGov offers business users the option of accessing secure government agency websites in a single sign-on session. If you have an Australian Business Account (ABA), you can opt to pre-fill your company or business registration, address and contact details on an ABA-enabled OneGov application form directly from your ABA account.

OneGov uses VANguard Government Authentication Services (GAS) to verify business users who want to take advantage of these secure options. VANguard is a whole-of-government program delivered by the Federal Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education (DIISRTE) for business-to-government and government-to government secure online transactions.

Use of secure single sign-on sessions and authentication through VANguard enables information to be passed from one government agency to another as part of a secure transaction. Information may be stored by OneGov, VANguard and the licensing agency involved.

For further details, please see visit the VANguard privacy information page or the respective agency website.

7. Access to and alteration of personal information

Each licensing authority has its own arrangements for accessing personal information it holds in OneGov and for requesting alterations to that information. For further details, you should read the Privacy Statement for the agency that holds your personal information.

If you set up a OneGov user account you are the only person with access to personal information associated with that account. You are responsible for checking it and making any corrections.

8. Use and disclosure of personal information

The Department of Customer Service, in its role as OneGov Web site service provider, does not use your personal information and it does not hold this information in its own right. The Department refers requests for access to personal information to the relevant licensing authority. The Department reserves the right to make disclosures to relevant licensing authorities or law enforcement agencies where this is required by law or is otherwise part of a lawful investigation.

9. Public registers

The Department of Customer Service provides a facility on OneGov Web site for publishing information from public registers. A licensing authority that maintains a public register can make information in that register available on OneGov Web site. You can search for information in a public register by entering a search request.

Contact the licensing authority directly if you want to request that your personal information be suppressed from publication.

10. Feedback

We welcome your feedback about this Privacy Statement and about the Web site’s design and practices. You can use the Feedback button on the lower left of the screen. The provision of personal details is optional. You may provide personal details for the purposes of receiving a reply to your feedback comments.

11. Requesting a review of privacy conduct

You can ask the Department of Customer Service to review its compliance with legal obligations to protect privacy if you are aggrieved by the Department's conduct - for example if you believe that the Department has contravened the information protection principles in the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998.

An application for review can be lodged in writing at any office of the Department of Customer Service or by mailing the application to

Programme Office Manager
Department of Customer Service
Level 8. McKell Building
2–24 Rawson Place

An application must be lodged within six months of the time that you first became aware of the Department of Customer Service's conduct or alleged conduct. You must include an address in Australia, where the Department can contact you.

The Department will notify you about the outcome of the review. You can apply to the Administrative Decisions Tribunal for a further review, if you are not satisfied with the findings of the review - or by the actions that the Department takes in relation to your application.

You also have the right to ask a licensing agency to review its compliance with legal obligations to protect privacy - if you are aggrieved by the licensing agency's conduct. You should contact the licensing agency directly to find out how to submit an application.

12. Updates to this statement

The Department of Customer Service may modify this statement from time to time. This statement was last modified on 06 June 2011.