Manage Retailer Identification Number (RIN)

Instructions: In accordance with the prompts in this section you can change the registration details of your RIN as follows:

  • Manage organisation details: you can update the address or phone number for your organisation
  • Manage Roles: you can update the details of the owner(s), director(s) and contact persons for your organisation. You must provide the full name, date of birth, a valid email and mobile number for each person.
  • Manage Premises:
    • If you have multiple premises listed and some of them cease to be premises for your tobacco and/or e-cigarette retailing business, you can remove those premises from the record.
    • You can add new premises listed under the same business/ABN as premises for your tobacco and/or e-cigarette retailing business
    • You can update the contact details and type of products sold for each premises
  • Download RIN Certificate
  • Cancel RIN: As the holder of a RIN, it is your responsibility to cancel the RIN registration if you stop selling tobacco, non-tobacco smoking products and/or e-cigarettes. If you have more than one premises listed on the RIN, and only some of those premises have stopped selling, please DO NOT cancel your RIN. You can go to “Manage Premises” where you can remove the premises no longer operating under your business.

RIN Transactions