Use this form to apply as an individual for a new property licence as Real Estate Agent, Real Estate Agent restricted to Buyers Agent, Business Agent, Stock and Station Agent, Onsite Residential Property Manager, Strata Managing Agent and Auctioneer.

If adding to an existing Property Individual Licence go here.

Do not apply online for Mutual Recognition. Use the interstate or New Zealand form.

The principal place of work must be either in NSW or within 50 km of the NSW border.

Attachments you may need:

  • Evidence of identity, e.g. copy of driver's licence
  • Copy of qualification certificates
  • Notification of Partnership Particulars if in partnership
  • Licensee-in-Charge Details for each place of business
  • Interstate licence if operating outside NSW borders
  • Evidence of Ownership of Residence if applying for Onsite Residential Property Manager

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