Use this form to apply for a Casino Special Employee Licence.

Before you start

Read about the casino special employee licence application process on the Liquor & Gaming Website.

Download and complete the Probity Form for a Casino Special Employee Licence prior to starting your online application.

Documents Required

To complete your application, you will need to upload a number of attachments including:

  • Probity form for a casino special employee licence
  • A credit report issued within the last 3 months
  • Current photo identification
  • Proof of work eligibility in Australia
  • Court records (if applicable)
  • Your last tax return and notice of assessment or international equivalent (if applicable)

If you already have a casino special employee licence in another state or territory you can seek a licence in NSW through mutual recognition without providing the above documents. You will need to provide evidence of your current licence/s and attach a statutory declaration to verify the information and attachments provided.

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