Notice Of Disposal - Boat

If you have sold your vessel, you must complete and submit a Notice of Disposal within 14 days of the date of sale or disposal.

  • This service is for recreational boats/personal watercrafts registered with Transport for NSW.
  • To record a notice of disposal for a car go to Notice of Disposal - Vehicle.
  • Visit full website for any other queries.

Important: The vessel remains the full responsibility of the seller in all respects until such time as the registration is transferred and the buyer registers the vessel.

Transport for NSW recommends that the seller retains copies of all sale documents (bills of sale / receipts etc.) and if practicable, obtains proof of identification from the buyer, verifying their identity.  This may assist the seller in instances where the buyer fails to register the vessel and thereby the seller remains responsible for the vessel under the marine legislation including all associated costs.

The vessel remains the full responsibility of the seller for fines, costs, and other compliance notices as long as they remain the registered owner on record. Submitting a Notice of Disposal does NOT (of itself) remove the seller from the record until the buyer accepts responsibility and registers the vessel.

  1. To proceed, your email or mobile will need to be on record.
  2. This service is for individuals only.

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