Retailer Identification Number

Under the Public Health (Tobacco) Act 2008 (‘the Act’), if you sell or intend to sell tobacco, non-tobacco smoking products or e-cigarettes, you must notify NSW Health before commencing such activities. You will be issued with a Retailer Identification Number after you complete the online registration. You must provide this number to wholesalers in order to obtain tobacco or e-cigarette products. Wholesalers cannot sell these products to you if you do not provide a valid number.

How it works:

Application for a Retailer Identification Number (RIN) must be completed online. You need to have or create an account with OneGov using an email address. Your OneGov account will need to be activated by clicking the link sent to your email. This will allow you to login and select the option to apply for a new Retailer Identification Number. If you log out during the application process, you can log in again with your email address and password to complete the application.

If you have multiple retailing premises within the one business (that is, under the one ABN or ACN), they can all be included under one registration number. Please add the details of all premises during the application process.

For more information on what you need to register for a Retailer Identification Number, go to:

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