This update service can be used to change address and contact details on the following licences:

Transport for NSW

  • Aquatic Licence
  • Boat Driver Licence
  • Private Mooring Licence
  • Vessel Registration

Liquor and Gaming NSW

  • Competency Card
  • Gaming Machine Dealer
  • Gaming Machine Seller
  • Gaming Machine Technician
  • Gaming Machine Testing Facility
  • Casino - Special Employee
  • Approved Manager (LIQXA)

NSW Fair Trading

  • Contractor Licence
  • Qualified Supervisor Certificate
  • Tradesperson Certificate

SafeWork NSW

  • General Construction Induction Training Card
  • High Risk Work
  • Traffic Control Work Card

Board of Surveying and Spatial Information

  • Registered Surveyor
  • Candidate Surveyor
  • Surveyors Assistant

NSW Primary Industries

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2. This service is for individuals only.

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