APP-0012442995 - Overseas Assessment

Overseas Assessment

The processes for overseas assessment is outlined below to assist prospective applicants wishing to practice surveying in New South Wales.

  1. An applicant is to submit this online Application for Assessment of Overseas Qualifications along with certified and translated (to English if applicable) copies of all relevant academic qualifications and supporting documentation to the Board.
  2. Payment made to the Board of Surveying and Spatial Information must be submitted with the Application for Assessment of Overseas Qualifications.
  3. The Board will forward the application to the Bureau for Assessment of Overseas Qualifications (Reciprocating Surveyors Boards of Australia and New Zealand).
  4. The applicants qualifications will be independently assessed and a recommendation will be forwarded to the Board.
  5. If the qualifications are accepted as being equivalent to a four year degree in surveying at the University of New South Wales or the University of Newcastle, the application would then be included on the agenda for the next available Board meeting for approval and or recommendations from the Board.
  6. The applicant may be:
    • accepted as a candidate surveyor and continue on the path to registration whilst being supervised by a registered surveyor or
    • required to enroll in further studies or
    • accepted for registration as a surveyor in NSW.
  7. The applicant will be informed in writing of the any decision made and what requirements if any.

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APP-0012442995 - Overseas Assessment