APP-0011595769 - Registered Surveyor Application

Registered Surveyor

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BOSSI registers land and mining surveyors and advises Government on matters relating to any aspect of surveying or the spatial information industry.

Registration is renewed annually and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training requirements must be met in order to keep up to date with technological development and legislative changes.

Land surveyors

Surveyors involved in land development are usually registered surveyors as legislated by the Surveying and Spatial Information Act 2002. BOSSI is responsible for the registration process.

Registered surveyors are often referred to as cadastral surveyors because of their involvement in maintaining the cadastre by the locating and marking of property boundaries.

Registration requires a demonstration of competence in engineering, planning and all laws relating to the subdivision of land.

Mining surveyors

In New South Wales, mines are required to use a registered mining surveyor to carry out surveys and prepare mine plans.

To become a registered mining surveyor, firstly requires a surveyor to meet a number of criteria including holding an approved educational qualification (minimum of 3 year degree), minimum mining surveying experience and pass a number of assessments some of which include the completion of a specified project.

The survey and drafting directions on the Resources and Energy website are to be followed by all mining surveyors in all open cut and underground operations. Issued by the Surveyor General on the advice of the Board of Surveying and Spatial Information, they provide for the hardcopy and digital recording, storage and preparation of the Mine Workings Plan and Mine Record Tracing.


The NSW survey system is governed by the Surveying and Spatial Information Act 2002 No 83, and the functions of the system are set out in the Surveying and Spatial Information Regulation 2017. Both of these can be viewed on the NSW Legislation site or downloaded from the Australasian Legal Information Institute.

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APP-0011595769 - Registered Surveyor Application