APP-0012881742 - Candidate Surveyor Application

Candidate Surveyor

A candidate surveyor is a person who is enrolled as a candidate surveyor under the Surveying and Spatial Information Regulation 2017. A person is entitled to be enrolled as a candidate surveyor if the person is:

  1. enrolled in a course of studies leading towards a recognised qualification, or;
  2. the holder of a recognised qualification.

A person wishing to enrol as a candidate surveyor will need to complete the following process:

  • submit the online Candidate Surveyor Application with payment of candidate surveyor enrolment fee, attaching the requested supporting documentation
  • upon receipt of application and prescribed fee, the application will be processed and included in the agenda for the following Board meeting for approval
  • a letter of acknowledgment and receipt of payment will be forwarded to the applicant
  • notification of the Board’s decision will be forwarded by email to the candidate surveyor
  • enrolment is payable at the beginning of each financial year.

Candidate surveyor applications must meet the following conditions:

  • All material provided as attachments must be certified prior to submission. Uncertified documents will not be accepted.
  • If documents are from overseas, they must be translated to English prior to submission. Untranslated documents will not be accepted.
  • The Federal Department of Home Affairs' (Department of Immigration) assessment does not qualify for the purposes of these applications. Rather, you need a BOSSI specific Overseas Assessment. For further information, contact BOSSI.

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APP-0012881742 - Candidate Surveyor Application