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Property & Real Estate Trust Account Registration

Agency Information

Fair Trading Team Contact Details

Phone:  02 9895 0103

Email:  [email protected]

Link:  For more detailed information.

Fair Trading

This system is used to notify NSW Fair Trading of your intention to open, register or close a General trust account kept with an approved financial institution.

It should not be used to register a separate trust account kept on the instructions of the client to whom those funds belong, or, for the exclusive benefit of a vendor and a purchaser of land, exempt from the requirement for interest to be directed to Fair Trading.

Each general trust account needs a unique identifying number. You will need to register each account separately.

If the trust account is held by a corporation, the trust account must be registered using the corporation's licence number.

2. Existing Account?

Create Registration Number

3. Closing account or already closed an account?

Notify Fair Trading