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Welcome to the Electronic Housing Code System

The Electronic Housing Code (EHC) is a free to use online system that allows users to determine whether proposed works fall under exempt or complying development.

What is
Exempt Development?
What is
Complying Development?


Low impact development, such as fences, barbeques, driveways and sheds, are often classified as Exempt Development and do not require any further approvals. However, the EHC will still provide a detailed report, setting out any relevant development standards, that can be retained for future reference.

Start your investigation by clicking the icon below.
Locate your property information using either the address or Lot/DP information, then confirm your site on the map provided.
Select your proposed development types from the list and provide further information.
Find out if you are eligible for exempt or complying development, view the relevant standards and download a personalised PDF.
Apply for eligible complying development and prepare, lodge and track an application online.

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